Gifted 2E Sup​port

July 2022


And Possible Mini-Conference

For Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children and their Families

Can you help?

Hi there, I'm Amanda Drury. I helped to set up Gifted 2E Support almost ten years ago. We are a community support group for children and adults who live with twice-exceptionality. Twice-exceptionality is living simultaneously with high intelligence (top ten percentile) while manifesting a disability. We provide consultancy, advocacy and support for families walking this journey, so they can live the best lives they possibly can. Can you help?

We are trying to raise money for our twice-exceptional community so we can run a camp for gifted and twice-exceptional children while concurrently running some workshops for their parents, teachers and professionals. While we have many volunteers ready and willing to help, we also need donations to get this off the ground. Can you help? Every little counts and if you donate $40 or more you will be sent out a prize pack. If you donate $40 or more please send your address to [email protected] with a screenshot of your donation and receipt.

Watch the video for more information. Thank you in advance!