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Gifted 2E Support Australia

A Service for Twice-Exceptional Children and Their Families

Welcome to Our Support Community

Run by twice-exceptional people for twice-exceptional people.

All Services and Some Products can be Invoiced for NDIS My Plan Manager and NDIS Self Managed Plans, click on 'contact' to enquire.

Who Are We?

Gifted 2E Support is an Australian registered business (ABN 45 425 808 899) providing services for twice-exceptional (2E) children, their families and others who support them. While we have some paid staff we are primarily run by volunteers.

Twice-exceptional people are Gifted in the top ten per cent of the population while also having additional needs or a learning disability beyond the demands that come with giftedness alone.

Life for parents of 2E children can be erratic and challenging, but also rewarding. Often the most challenging aspect is supporting these children through their learning journeys. That's where we come in. Whether it is educational support for your child with one of our tutors who genuinely understand the needs of your child, or using one of our consultants to help you advocate for your child to schools and professionals, we help in a variety of ways.

Our focus is supporting parents, families and those that work with twice-exceptional (2E), neurodiverse, and gifted children, Australia wide.

We Care Because We've Been There.

Our Latest YouTube Video

What is Twice-Exceptionality? The Complexities of Being 2E.

Our Gifted Kids Podcast

with Amanda Drury, Managing Director and Consultant with Gifted 2E Support

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Can you help us help 2E people, families and children in need? Every little counts - Subscription Options Available.

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Consultancy and Counselling

Looking for help with advocacy for your child's needs? Don't know where to start? Our consultants can help you through this complex process. Consultants are available in some Australian states and territories.

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Our Online Store

Look Out for Us at Marden Markets, Adelaide on Saturdays

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Fidget, write, draw, relax and accessorise with the range of products we have made available to you in our online store.

Gifted 2E Support's Mission is To Provide:

  • Support for 2E Adults, parents of 2E children and professionals with parental, learning, and daily living strategies, contacts, advocacy, and products which may assist twice-exceptional people to succeed and become the great adults they have the potential to be.

  • An avenue for networking with twice-exceptional teens and adults, and parents of twice-exceptional children, to gain support from shared experiences and, with this, opportunities to make like-minded friends.

  • A place where twice-exceptional parents and professionals can gain affordable services, resources, and tuition for twice-exceptional children, clients and / or students; and 

  • A platform for the twice-exceptional community to promote arts, products, and services for and by twice-exceptional people.

Available Services

All services available through Gifted 2E Support

Useful Websites and Other Professional Services

Recommended outside professional services and websites that support twice-exceptional needs including giftedness and other diversities.

The Wonderful World of 2E

Showcasing and celebrating Artworks, Writing, Videos and more by twice-exceptional people.